Serial Bomber in Austin: 4th Blast Triggered By Tripwire

Serial Bomber in Austin: 4th Blast Triggered By Tripwire

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The city of Austin, Texas has been on their heels for the last month as someone has been leaving explosive devices in people’s mailboxes. Now, police have said that it is a suspected serial bomber who is terrorizing the people in the city.

Sunday night was the fourth time this month that a device had exploded on Austin residents. However, police say this time the setup was different as the device was left on the side of a residential road and it was triggered by a tripwire.

The reason that police have said that it is a serial bomber that they are dealing with in Austin, is because investigators on the case have found similarities between the device in last night’s attack and the three previous bombs.

The other 3 attacks were executed a little different as the devices were stuffed inside packages and left on residents’ doorsteps.

“We are clearly dealing with what we expect to be a serial bomber at this point,” Austin Police Chief Brian Manley said.

The latest attack which took place last night shows “a higher level of sophistication, a higher level of skill,” he said. The 2 men injured in last night’s attack are expected to recover.

Sunday night’s blast is less than a week after police said the three previous explosions, which happened between 10 days, were connected. The first 3 attacks killed a man and a teenager, and wounded two others.

First Explosion (March 2)
Second Explosion (March 12)
Third Explosion (March 12)
Fourth Explosion (March 18)

So far, Austin police have no suspect in custody. Hopefully this will be the last of the serial bomber in Austin.

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