Bitcoin Price Breaks New Record, Almost $22,000 CAD

Bitcoin Price Breaks New Record, Almost $22,000 CAD

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At around 11:00 am this morning, the price was of one bitcoin was around $21,877 CAD or well over $15,000 USD for our American friends.

Following this, news came in that a bitcoin mining company in Slovenia, called NiceHash was hacked and that millions of dollars were stolen.

NiceHash, which is a company in Slovenia that mines bitcoins for their customers, said on Thursday that they were looking into a security breach and they will not be operating for 24 hours while they try and verify exactly how many bitcoins were stolen in the hack.

These news raise some concerns about the security of the cryptocurrency, days before it is due to start trading on major U.S. exchanges.

The research company, Coindesk said that they were able to locate a wallet address which had some interesting activity take place around the time of the hack, around 4700 bitcoins deposited. And at Thursday’s record price of about $15,000, that puts the value at almost $70.5 million dollars.

Even after the news of the hack came, the value of Bitcoin remained strong and currently, it is sitting at well over $20,000 CAD. It is hard to say what will happen in the next few weeks with the cryptocurrency especially as the year comes to a close and where the final price will lay for 2018.

But it will for sure be interesting to see whether the price of bitcoin continue to sky rocket or whether there will be a burst as some experts claim and were expecting.

Now if you are new to the scene, the easiest way to break it down is that, Bitcoin is the world’s most popular cryptocurrency. The way that cryptocurrencies work is they are de-centralized currencies, which means that, they are not tied to any bank or government. Bitcoin and other crypto currencies alike, allow users to spends their money anonymously.

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