How to Fix 1 Channel Blank Screen

How to Fix 1 Channel Blank Screen

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Lately I have been experiencing an issue when trying to stream certain shows or movies through 1 Channel ( where I will get only a blank white screen after clicking on a show that I would like to watch.

I have tried reloading the page to no success. I tried even going back and reloading with no help. I then turned off the internet and run ccleaner which allowed it to work for the first time but as soon as you clicked back or came back to visit it would be a blank screen again.


What I have found that works when experiencing an blank white screen on 1 channel is going up to the url and deleting -online-free from the end of the address and then reloading. This allows the page to load the right content. However, If i click back and go into it again, it gives a blank screen. But if I do the remove -online-free trick again and reload the page, then it works again!

I am not sure how many of you have experienced this 1 channel blank screen issue or why exactly it seems to target one show and not the the other, but if you are experiencing the same issue, then I hope that this quick blurb and video below can help you out.

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