Best Things to Blog About to Make Money Online

Best Things to Blog About to Make Money Online

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Best Things To Blog About to Make Money Online?

This is a question that a lot of people are asking and for good reason. Some blogs are making hundreds and thousands of dollars a day. So, how can you join online money scene and what do you write about?

Well, the truth is that you can write about anything that you want really, but the goal is to get traffic to your blog so that you can make money on the ads or if you are an affiliate promoting a product, sales.

Some topics will naturally attract more visitors than others, but like I said, you can blog about anything as long as you are generating enough traffic to make money.

If you look at my site, you will see that I blog about everything really, from politics to conspiracies, but when I look at my stats, I do notice that some topics generate more views than others.

This could be due to the way the articles were written or keywords used, or the amount of competition even, but let’s look at the 5 topics that I believe will help you generate more traffic faster.

5 Best Things to Blog About to Make Money Online

1. How to tutorials

These types of articles seem to get me a good amount of traffic especially if it is something that people are steadily searching for and I can actually help resolve their issue.

2. Technology

This could be anything from product reviews on cell phones, computers, etc. But when something new comes onto the market, naturally, people want to see what others are saying about it, so it is definitely in my top 5 for best things to blog about.

3. Random Cool Topics

Ok, so that wasn’t that self explanatory, but I think you get the gist of what I mean. Differentiate yourself from others and write about something interesting that people are looking for but that is not everywhere like on major news sites. Something that doesn’t age if that makes sense.

4. Beauty Products

Now, number 4 for my best things to blog about would be beauty products. I don’t personally write too many of these (I think I may have one or two) but there are always new beauty products coming out and when people are putting something new on their face or body, they like to see what someone else is saying about that product other than company rep(s).

5. Health Tips

I have a couple of articles on here from a year or two ago, but they still get traffic. Not crazy amounts of traffic, but everyone is more or less, super health conscious these days so people will be looking for what kind of foods to eat for what and etc.

The above is just my personal opinion of the 5 best thing to blog about but like I said you can absolutely blog about anything that you want as long as you are able to generate traffic with it. I just believe that the above topics help a little more than others like sports or celebrity news, because those change more or less everyday, but at the end of the day, it completely up to you what you want to blog about.

Hope you enjoyed this quick blurb of mine on the 5 best thing to blog about. Now, open up that new post page and start blogging away!

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