17 Things You Only See In Dubai

17 Things You Only See In Dubai

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17 Things You Only See In Dubai

I wanted to write this quick blurb about 17 things that you will only see in Dubai. This country is keen turning the ordinary into extraordinary and by looking at the pictures or video below, you will see exactly what I am talking about.

From everything that you can think being drenched in Gold to Camel Racing Robots (yes, you read that write), Dubai is set on making it stand out from the rest of the world with new inventions and new things to do which are being broadcasted all the time.

Check out some 17 things you will only see in Dubai below.

1. Gold Cars

Most people can only dream of owning a brand new Range Rover one day, however, in Dubai, not only is a new range possible, it also comes in all Gold!

2. Edible Gold

Now, that you’re in Dubai driving around in your brand new all gold Range Rover, you get hungry. So, you go and eat some edible Gold while you’re at it.

3. Gold Cell Phones


Right after you finish $1000 Edible Gold plate of food, you want to call your friend and them about the meal. What better way to do that than to call them up on your all gold cell phone?

4. Gold Vending Machine

After covering everything in Gold including your intestines, it is time to stock up on some more. This can all be done conveniently at one of the many Gold Vending Machines found around Dubai.

5. Skiing Inside the World’s Biggest Mall

With an average temperature of 25 Degrees Celsius in February, it is only natural that you go cool off by skiing inside the World’s Biggest Mall, the Dubai Mall.

6. Underwater Hotels

If you have ever wanted to spend a night underwater in the ocean, now you can. At a cost of only $8000 per night.

7. Exotic Car Traffic Jams

I know that when I am stuck in traffic, it is a pretty rare sight to see a Ferrari or Bentley sitting next to me, however in Dubai, exotic car traffic jams look to be norm.

8. Traffic Jam Airlifts

In order to be able to get out of a traffic jam, you have to wait for the traffic to clear up. Not in Dubai. Supposedly, you can call an helicopter to airlift you of the traffic jam. Genius.

9. Exotic Pets Everywhere

Another thing that seems to be pretty common to see in Dubai is exotic pets everywhere. You can see them riding shotgun in luxury cars or waiting in line at the store with their owner. Now, I want a monkey.

10. Exotic Pets Food

My cat gets fed whiskas and temptations for snacks. However, these exotic cats in Dubai need something bigger, so their owner has given them a shark to feast on.

11. Walking a Camel

I take my dog for a walk, but I guess in Dubai things are done a little different now. People like to take their camels for a walk while they drive next to them in their luxury vehicles.

12. Camel Racing Robots

I’ve seen horse racing before but I have never heard of this until now. I don’t know what gets me more, the camel racing or the robot part, or the combination of both. But yeah, If you ever wanted to see robots racing camels, then book your next trip to Dubai right now.

13. Wife in the Classifieds

If you’re getting tired to chasing these girls, don’t worry. You can find you next wife in the classifieds in Dubai. Thank me later.

14. Tennis on Top of the World

It would suck hitting a ball of the roof here and waiting for the challenger to get it back up.

15. Wide-body Jeeps

I have seen limos before, you know, where the stretch the length of the vehicle. However, I have never seen a wide-body Jeep before. Then again, why am I not surprised that I have seen it in Dubai first.

16. Super-fast Police Cars

Since it seems like almost everyone has a sports car in Dubai, it is only right that the cops do as well, so that they can keep up.

17. Cops Booking Other Cops

Just because you are a cop doesn’t mean that you can park anywhere in Dubai.

Hope you enjoyed this quick blurb of 17 things you only see in Dubai and if you were to lazy to read the article, there is a video below.

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