How to Convert GPT Drive to MBR FIXED

How to Convert GPT Drive to MBR FIXED

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Can’t convert GPT Drive to MBR?

Well, you’ve come to the right place as I had spent 4 hours yesterday trying to figure this out while trying to reinstall windows on my Asus laptop. After trying numerous ways to convert my C: drive to MBR, I have finally figured out it out and kind of realized why it didn’t work before.

I originally partitioned my hard drive into 2 before, so there was my C: drive and then there was a D: drive. Now I am not sure if my C: drive was originally MBR before I partitioned or not but when I checked yesterday it was showing as a GPT.

The first thing people suggested was to go to disk management in control panel, find the drive there and try to right click and convert to MBR. I couldn’t find that option anywhere.

Then, the second suggestion people had was to go into control panel and type the following commands to convert the GPT drive to MBR.

  1. Go into CMD and type DiskPart
  2. Then type listdisk
  3. Then select disk, if the drive in question is disk 0 for example, type select disk 0
  4. Then type clean
  5. Then type convert to MBR

The above code in reality should work but for my problem it didn’t as the drive I wanted to convert to MBR was my C: drive and every time I tried the above code, it would just tell me that it can’t clean or convert the drive to MBR because it was a boot drive, had data files and some other stuff. I should have took a picture for you guys.

I am not sure if that would work on any other drive though, but if it doesn’t have an OS on it, I’m guessing it should. Now back to my problem of trying to convert my C: drive from GPT to MBR. Since the above steps didn’t work, someone recommended some software called AEOMI Partition or something like that. I tried this as well and I could not see an option anywhere when I would right click on the drive in the software to convert to MBR. I am guessing this is because it was my C: drive in question.

So why is this such a big problem? Well, without my C: drive being MBR I am not able to install windows on it.

After trying all of the above and not getting anywhere I was running out of ideas.  What I did then it I clicked format on C: drive in the Windows Installer screen (I don’t know why, but I did) and now I had no windows at all and I couldn’t get into my computer since I formatted everything.

Then a little idea sparked up, why not trying to run those commands in CMD while I am in the windows installer menu. I mean, there was really no more options left. So I turned my laptop back on, pressed ESC right away when I saw the ASUS logo to get into the bios and selected to boot from my CD/DVD drive once again.

This time when I got to the windows installer menu, I pressed SHIFT and F10, which brought up CMD for me. From here, I put the same code that I tried before.

  • Go into CMD and type DiskPart
  • Then type listdisk
  • Then select disk, if the drive in question is disk 0 for example, type select disk 0
  • Then type clean
  • Then type convert to MBR

And VOILA, it worked!

Now, I was finally able to install Windows on my laptop without the message saying that I couldn’t before because my drive was GPT.

I hope this helps you out if you are having trouble converting a GPT drive to MBR.

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