NASA Releases New Pictures Of Jupiter

NASA Releases New Pictures Of Jupiter

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NASA has released new photos of Jupiter closer than ever before.

The new pictures of Jupiter were snapped from just 9,000 kilometers away as NASA’s Juno mission shows us a completely new look of the great red spot on Jupiter.

Why is it called the great red spot? Well, you’ll be surprised to learn that the great red spot is actually massive in size! The clouds stretch for over 10,000-miles wide and form a storm that is 1.3 times the size of Earth.

NASA threw in their own image of Earth with an image of Jupiter for size comparison

Looking at the new pictures of Jupiter provided by NASA, you can clearly see the vivid clouds and veins which outline the eye of the storm.

The Great Red Spot

“This monumental storm has raged on the solar system’s biggest planet for centuries. Now, Juno and her cloud-penetrating science instruments will dive in to see how deep the roots of this storm go, and help us understand how this giant storm works and what makes it so special,” said Scott Bolton, who is the principal investigator of Juno.

Scott Bolton’s Juno team consists of 32 co-investigators and 28 key personnel who are all dedicated to maintaining the solar-powered spacecraft, which is, the furthest from Earth.

The Juno mission will also provide researchers with information below the surface of the storm, which has been monitored since 1830. According to NASA, the great red spot could be over 350 years old.

Illustration shows NASA’s Juno spacecraft flying over Jupiter’s south pole.

The information collected by Juno will also help scientists find out more about the origin and evolution of Jupiter. One cool part to note is that since Jupiter is the largest planet in our solar system, it can have an effect on the orbits of things in our solar system, such as other planets, which is something that the team will be looking into, as well.


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