Tech Companies Plan Day Of Action Online Protest To Fight For Net Neutrality

Tech Companies Plan Day Of Action Online Protest To Fight For Net Neutrality

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Day of Action – Fight for Net Neutrality

On Wednesday you might see something different on your favorite websites and app as tech companies plan to display special messages as part of a “Day of Action.” The online protest is to fight proposed changes to net neutrality which would loosen regulations.

Which companies are taking part in the Day of Action?

Well, Google, Facebook, Amazon, Reddit, Airbnb, Twitter and more than 70,000 other sites, organizations and individuals are planning to take part in the online protest known as the Day of Action.

The Federal Communications Commission (FCC) wants to overturn regulations that were passed in 2015, which require ISP’s to treat all online content the same. If the FCC is able to overturn the ruling, then, telecommunication and cable companies could slow down, speed up, or charge more for access to different sites and services, and that is a big problem.

How are tech companies going to protest the Day of Action?

Well, the messages will be different on different sites, but some will show an image that mimics a slow loading symbol, meanwhile, Vimeo is showing a special video and Firefox will link to an FCC comment page, where you can voice your concerns. Other tech giants like Facebook, said they are going to be participating in the Day of Action, but have not said what their displayed message will be.

The vice president of PornHub, Corey Price, said the site is still working on what to put on their site, but said that they will be absolutely participating in the online protest on Wednesday.

Evan Greer of Fight the Future, weighed in on the topic saying, “Internet users will definitely notice which companies are standing up for their rights and which ones aren’t.”

The current rules, or what is known as net neutrality is what keeps the internet operating at a fair pace but without those rules, a company like AT&T would be able to offer faster streaming for video services that they own, meanwhile, slowing down content from competing sites or apps, so you can see why net neutrality this is a hot issue.

In addition, objectionable sites could be blocked, and faster service could be offered to the companies willing to pay a higher price, so the term of net neutrality would be thrown out of the window.

The moron responsible for this proposal is FCC chairman Ajit Pai, who had first announced putting the net neutrality proposal on the chopping block back in April. This idiot, Pai said that the regulations have a negative impact on businesses and decrease innovation and investment in infrastructure, which makes no sense at all…if they are overturned, and net neutrality starts to fade, then it would make more sense.

“Net neutrality has serious implications for the adult entertainment industry, particularly the online porn industry,” Corey Price in a statement. “Internet service providers could create special fast lanes for content providers willing to pay more. That means slow streaming, which, especially in regards to online porn, is quite problematic as you can imagine.”

“This is a massive grassroots mobilization,” Evan Greer said. “A lot of the traffic on these days of action comes from individuals with just a few fans on Instagram or Twitter sharing on social media, or from the neat and weird nooks and crannies of the Internet like online gaming forums, discussion groups, YouTubers and and artist communities.”

Make sure to check out some of your favorites sites tomorrow to see what is different about them and how they are going to be protesting for the Day of Action.

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