Albanians Want To Show That Serbs Have No Place In Kosovo

Albanians Want To Show That Serbs Have No Place In Kosovo

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The west is steadily trying to push Serbia to give Kosovo away, the place where the Serbian Orthodox religion was born. The Serbs fought for their right to practice their religion here against the Ottoman Empire and were enslaved for 500 years as the Turks outnumbered the Serbs 5-1 in the battle.

Back then, the choice was simple for Serbs. They could either fight for their belief or they could convert to Islam, which a majority of people ended up doing, and those people are known as Bosnian’s today.

So, there is a little brief history on Kosovo there. Now, the issue with Albanians and Serbs on Kosovo didn’t really kick off until the 1980’s. Everything started when Tito, who was the leader of Yugoslavia, was allowing Albanians to come to live in Kosovo. He provided them with homes and schooling, which was fine and dandy, but this was probably because Tito was trying to go and integrate Albania as another republic of Yugoslavia.

After Tito died, all hell broke loose. Not just in Kosovo, but all around Yugoslavia, as puppets were being pulled by their strings now from all sides. We will take a little look at Kosovo though.

When the war started, the western media was saying that the Serbs were committing genocide against the Albanians, and don’t get me wrong, neither of these sides was innocent, but when you look at the numbers, you see that we were lied to.

Today, the population of Kosovo is 95% Albanian and 1% Serbian with other minorities making up the remaining 4%. This fact alone shows that Serbs were not committing genocide on the grand scale like the media puppets made it to look, because if this was the case, the population numbers would be reversed.

Also, when the war started, some of the acts commited by Albanians in Kosovo were nothing short of barberic, but, the western media already had their target pinpointed, the Serbs, so it wouldn’t be fair of them to report on both spectrums.

Some of these acts including destroying churches which were put on the UNESCO List of World Heritage, as well as chasing people out of their homes. The process was simple, ask someone to leave for a small sum of money and if they didn’t abide, they would come back the next day and show them a pistol in a briefcase as a last option before they would make the Serbs flee.

Now, I won’t get into the Camp Bondsteel story too much, but this is one of the main reasons why the West gave the Albanians Kosovo from the Serbs. So, now with Kosovo having 1% Serbs left in it, it seems the goal of the Kosovo Albanian government now is to completely eliminate the Serbian people from the area.

Ramush Haradinaj, the former field commander of the Kosovo Liberation Army, the former prime minister and the current leader of the Alliance for the Future of Kosovo political party has recently said that if he wins there will be no place neither for Serbia nor for the Community of Serb municipalities in Kosovo.

“There is simply no sense to continue the talks with the people who try to cancel everything which had been agreed upon and signed. Unfortunately the Albanian side, not without various external assistance, tries not only make the process  in Brussels meaningless but seeks to demonstrate that Serbs have no place neither in Kosovo nor in Metohija,” the minister reiterated.

The Prime Minister, Ramush Haradinaj, stated that if he wins there will be no place neither for Serbia nor for Serbian municipalities in Kosovo. How very democratic of the Albanians and the West which support this and who have contributed to almost removing the Serbian people completely from the region. Now, that kind of sounds like complete ethnic cleansing to me. You know? The same thing that they had accused the Serbian people of committing. It’s kind of funny to see how there is always two sides to a coin.

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