Wikipedia Founder Creates Wikitribune To Fight Fake News

Wikipedia Founder Creates Wikitribune To Fight Fake News

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Wikipedia’s founder said that he has a plan to fight fake news. How? Well, it is quite simple. It is called Wikitribune.

The founder of Wikipedia, Jimmy Wales, has announced that he will be creating a new news platform which will be run by a team of journalists and volunteer fact checkers. Jimmy Wales plans to call the site “Wikitribune.”

Wikipedia’s founder said that the main goal of this project will be to fight “fake news”.

“We want to make sure that you read fact-based articles that have a real impact in both local and global events,” the website states.

As of today, Wikitribune is live and it states that it has hired 1/10 journalists so far on the header of the home page. You can check it out HERE.

Wikitribune will be releasing news stories that are written by professional journalists. However, regular folk, like you and me, will be able to present corrections and additional info on stories, whih would be reviewed by volunteer fact checkers, and approved by a moderator.

In addition, Wikitribune has stated that they will be completely transparent about their sources, and that they will be posting the full transcripts of interviews, as well as video and audio, “to the maximum extent possible.” Not bad, if true.

“It takes professional, standards-based journalism, and incorporates the radical idea from the world of wiki that a community of volunteers can and will reliably protect the integrity of information,” Jimmy Wales said on the topic of Wikitribune.

The founder of Wikipedia then said that “Wikitribune” is designed to fight the fake news which are being spread social media.

“[Fake news] is literally designed to show us what we want to see, to confirm our biases, and to keep us clicking at all cost,” Wales said. “It fundamentally breaks the news.”

However, some people are not so sure of Wikitribune, such as, Charlie Beckett, who is a professor at the London School of Economics.

“I wonder whether it will be able to scale up to make a significant impact on the information sphere — especially on social networks such as Facebook (FB, Tech30) where the main problems of fake news and misinformation occur,” Charlie Beckett said.

I guess we will have to wait and see how Wikitribune will pan out with the public as the site has just went live today.

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