Marissa Mayer To Get $186 Million After Yahoo Deal Is Finalized

Marissa Mayer To Get $186 Million After Yahoo Deal Is Finalized

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Marissa Mayer is about to hop away from Yahoo with $186 million.


I envy Marissa Mayer like I envy a weatherman. Why? Because, they can mess things up continuously and still get paid for it! The now, former CEO of Yahoo, Marissa Mayer is said to be walking away from the company with $186 million, once Verizon completes the takeover.&

Marissa Mayer, was the CEO of Yahoo for the last 5 years after constant battles and struggles, the company has now been purchased by Verizon for a cool $4.5 billion dollars.

The 5 year venture at Yahoo for Marissa Mayer panned out pretty good though, as she has 4.5 million shares of Yahoo stock and options to her name, in addition to, restricted stock that will vest when the Verizon deal goes through. Yahoo has said that they expect the deal to be fully finalized in June.

According to Yahoo (YHOO) stock’s closing price of $48.15 a share on Monday, Marissa Mayer will be left with $186 million with her shares.

In addition to this, she will also receive a $3 million golden parachute, which is, a cash severance that accompanies the sale of the company.

Since she had taken over as CEO of the company 5 years ago, Yahoo’s stock price has tripled, but her tenure has not been so smooth.

One example that you may remember is when Yahoo took away Marissa Mayer bonus last year after hackers had got access to over 500 million accounts. This security breach had in return caused Verizon (VZ) to offer $350 million less for the purchase of the company. The previous sale price was $4.8 billion.

Now to be, she did do some good for the company as well, as she has found a buyer for Yahoo’s core internet operation, which includes, the company’s ad and video businesses, as well as, a collection of mobile apps.

Now, the question is, how will Yahoo end up once Verizon fully takes over later this year. Will it go better or worse than it did with Marissa Mayer? We will just have to wait and see.

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