Google Admits to Censoring Infowars, Blames Vendor

Google Admits to Censoring Infowars, Blames Vendor

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Infowars had been talking about this for a while and it looks like it’s turned out to be as we have just learnt that Google has admitted to the censorship of the website, but they say that it will stop and have put the blame on one of their vendors.

The story is that Google is now said to be blaming one of their vendors because they say it was the contractor who told their staff to rank the website, InfoWars, as low-quality content.

In order to help with the search engine’s algorithm, Google hires a vendor who then hires contractors that rate the quality of sites for search results. However, this week, an independent journalist by the name of Mike Cernovich posted leaked photos which showed the vendor targeting an Infowars article.

After these news broke out, Google spoke to reporters and said that they do not order “quality raters” to target only certain sites. Instead, Google said that they only provide “general rules” on how to shape the algorithm for the search engine.

Google has also said in an official statement that the specific mention of Infowars was removed from the vendor’s training module. They say that the vendor placed the site in the module, along with others, without their knowledge.

“In this instance, we have confirmed that a vendor we work with sent out more detailed instructions to some raters without our knowledge, which included references to specific sites,” A google rep said. “This is in conflict with the intent of our guidelines and the vendor has taken action to remove these references in their training module.”

Now, we don’t know if Google is telling the truth or not, but if one of their vendors can do something like that without their knowledge, then that is no bueno! Infowars is one of the biggest websites on the net, so if it took for all this hassle for them to look into this incident, then what will happen to the little guys, who don’t have as big of a voice?

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