Gustavo Falcon, Last Of The Cocaine Cowboys Arrested

Gustavo Falcon, Last Of The Cocaine Cowboys Arrested

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Remember the movie Cocaine Cowboys? No? Well, it was a documentary film about some of the most notorious drug traffickers in the United States in the 80’s and 90’s. This brings us to the story at hand. It has been reported that the last of the cocaine cowboys has been arrested. Gustavo Falcon, who is the brother of one of Miami’s most notorious 1980s drug traffickers, Augusto “Willie” Falcon, was arrested Wednesday night. He was on the run for 26 years.

Well, I guess he wasn’t really on the run because he has been living in the states since 1999. Last March, is when Authorities finally found out that Gustavo Falcoln had been using a fake Florida driver’s license under an alias since 1997.

After examining the fake drivers license that Gustavo Falcon was using, law enforcement were able to to decipher that he had been living in the Orlando area since 1999. This helped them trace him to a rental property in suburban Kissimmee.

Police had surveyed the area where Gustavo Falcon was living for month than a month and when they saw who they believed to be Falcon and his wife leave for a bike ride yesterday, is when they arrested him at a nearby intersection.

When cops arrested Gustavo Falcon, they said that he had originally stuck with using the alias from his fake license, but after talking to officials for a while, he finally told them his real name.

Gustavo Falcon has been on the run since 1991 when he was indicted along with his brother Willie and his partner Salvador Magluta, who were all charged with smuggling approximately 75 tons of cocaine into the United States over a 13-year period between 1978 and 1991. His brother and Magluta are both in jail serving their sentences.

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