Early Tuesday morning, Serbian police had conducted a raid in the town of Sid in Serbia where they had rounded up more than 200 migrants for alleged attacks against the locals who are living there.

Police have said that the migrants who were arrested did not register with local authorities and that they have since been put onto buses and sent to southern Serbia, which borders with Macedonia.

The migrants who were arrested in Serbia and shipped out were mostly of Afghani and Pakistani descent, not asylum seekers from Syria.

Serbian police have also said that the elderly, women and children were allowed to stay in a local refugee center, but the rest of the migrants have been bused out.

The Mayor of Sid, Predrag Vukovic said that the migrants had “stole, fought among each other and attacked the locals.”

A lot of migrants are currently trying to get into the European Union, but since Croatia and Hungary have closed their borders, it is making the situation a lot more difficult for both the, asylum seeking migrants and for, Serbia.

Since after the incident occurred in Sid, locals are now wondering what kind of stand will the Serbian government take now on the migrant situation? Is is going to remain the same, or will the policy become a little more tight knit now?